Saturday, June 18, 2016

I Really Like You - Blue Vinyl

Hey All!
"I Really like You" is now available on Blue Vinyl.released through OwnSelf Records. This release is limited to 100 copies which are going fast. Side A is a Stereo Mix and Side B - MONO.
Digital Download Card is included as well.

If interested in purchasing a copy, they are available through Bandcamp -  I Really Like You - Blue Vinyl
Also thanks to all the positive support for this release and my releases in general.
Here is a a video review by Dereck Higgins- A great  musician and a record Collector -  Video Review -I Really Like You


  1. Gary, excellent music...glad Dereck is pushing it with all his might...I'm not sure if you played drums with Jigsaw Seen during the Smells Like LA era, but The JS and the group I was in (The Shatners) crossed paths on that album and elsewhere...The Shatners are no more but I act as the band's music historian (well, maybe not) and I'm working on the final four parts of my 20 album series that began in 2006 (pop songs, lots of pop songs)...I would be interested in the names of some of those now-closed clubs the Alternative Power Source groups played...anyway, I've only recently discovered Dereck's show and find him to be very inspiring...even if I'll never listen to 90% of his LP picks, it's still nice to hear him provide some background on them...and like your single, he wouldn't promote a certain music if he didn't respect it

    Happy Summer
    Kurt (Benbenek)
    In good old Long Beach

  2. My frantic ode to swap meet coffee...

    Gettin' My Coffee At The Coffee Truck

  3. Very cool to hear from you – I could be wrong with my timeframe but I think I remember playing with you all or at least seeing you play the club lingerie. I had an alternative power source T-shirt. We did some early gigs at Raji's and I even remember doing something at coconut teaser? When I left The Jigsaw Seen I remember that they played the Roxy. I went to see them open up for the wondermints. Jigsaw Seen is still kicking it – still pretty much an obscure band but with some pretty impressive claim to fame under their belts.
    That was a long time ago.
    I played on the Jigsaw Seen's first album shortcut through clown alley – at least the majority of the songs. Few of their singles as well.

    Do you have any recordings of the Shatners available?