Friday, November 28, 2014


Hello All,
First... I would like to apologize for the delay with my new tune " Love Halloween". Unfortunately I suffered a Hemorrhagic Stroke on 10/24/2014,  Once bleeding of the brain was detected, I landed in Los Angeles -  ICU for 10 days. Numerous angiograms determined that allowing the bleeding to stop on it's own was the best scenario for my situation.

I am happy to report that it appears - so far - that I have made a full recovery with no noticeable residual -  negative side effects. Thank goodness...ICU was directly across from the Scientology complex in Los Angeles??? I am grateful to all the staff, doctors, nurses and technicians for helping me get to this healing point. And I can't forget family,friends and fans for all their love and support. Thank you so very much. Before the stroke...BS...I completed the drums/percussion for the new Mark O'Keefe tune " Drop Dead"- which  has nothing to do with Halloween, Look for that release to drop sometime right after 12/25/2014.

So... on to my belated Halloween song.... once vocals are complete, hopefully by Christmas, I will send out an announcement of its release. I will make it available for free through Bandcamp but  will  accept donations.
Remember, supporting Independent  Artist's continues to be "Where It's At!
Peace and Happiness.
Gary Schwartz