Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Single "Loves Halloween" Available Now!

The latest single by Gary Schwartz  Love’s Halloween” is now available as a download through Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc.

Gary is the former drummer for The United States of Existence and the Jigsaw Seen. He is joined once again by his long-time musical collaborator, producer and friend - Mark O'Keefe

“Love’s Halloween” was supposed to be released a few days before Halloween but was placed on hold since I had a Hemorrhagic Stroke – bleeding of the brain… I know it sounds like a ghoulish Halloween story but unfortunately it’s true. I have since made a full recovery and am very grateful to all who assisted in my care. And a big thanks to my family, friends and fans for all their love, support and well wishes.

“Love’s Halloween” is sure to bring you haunting comfort not only on Halloween but all throughout the year.

all music and lyrics written by Gary Schwartz © 2014 Gary Schwartz - All Rights Reserved 
Gary Schwartz – Voices
Mark O’Keefe – Guitars and Keys
engineered and produced by Mark O'Keefe 
Cover Design by Mark O'Keefe