Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hello Everyone,
Gary Schwartz, former drummer for The United States of Existence and The Jigsaw Seen is pleased to announce that the long awaited release by Mark O’Keefe  “Blue or Grey” is finally here. “Blue or Grey” (one of my favorites) is available now at all fine digital download sites. I had the honor of providing the usual…Drums, certain arrangements, a bunch of really really good ideas.
For a complete listen:

While streaming is Great, I hope that you will consider a purchase since supporting Independent Music and Artist continues to be the right thing to do.
Here are those links - I’ve really made this simple.

“I Really Like You” - 45 RPM on Blue Vinyl will be out shortly (limited to just 100). Test Pressings have been reviewed and approved.
I’ll keep you posted since I will be offering FREE copies of the record to those that submit a video of themselves or a group or anything that you see fit lip syncing or singing along with the tune. So get practicing. Hint- there are apps that allow you to sing the tune and video yourself on your smartphone. Get creative. More enhancements could increase your chances
Take care,
Peace and Happiness Always!