Thursday, January 15, 2015

"Love's Halloween" Now Available

Hello Everyone,
The latest single by Gary Schwartz“Love’s Halloween” is now available through iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and at all other fine digital download sites.
Gary, who is the former drummer for The United States of Existence and the Jigsaw Seen had originally intended to make “Love’s Halloween” available only through Bandcamp.  However, many of you had requested that I make it available through iTunes and Amazon as well. You spoke…I listened. Here are the links.

Even though I support Bandcamp and CD Baby because of their better quality audio download options, I realize that many love the convenience of these other popular sites. Hope you enjoy.

I am starting the process of creating my next single (solely in my head) which will be called “It Just Is". Ummm, I kind of like, Solely In My Head. I’ll need to incorporate that in somehow. “It Just Is” was thought of soon after I experienced a Hemorrhagic Stroke on 10/24/14. "IJI” won’t be available until Late, Late, Later this year. 

In other news, the new tune by Mark O’Keefe - “Drop Dead” is now available at Bandcamp. I had the honor of providing drums, percussion and arrangements or as Mark puts it - Arrangements and All Things That Go Bang. Check It OUT:

Thanks so much for all your continued support and well wishes. Happy New Year and remember - supporting independent music and artist continues to be The Right Thing To Do!

Peace and Happiness!