Sunday, July 16, 2017

New Single "IT JUST IS" Coming Soon - September 2017

Hello All,
It's been quite some time...Gary Schwartz – former drummer of the United States of Existence and The Jigsaw Seen is getting ready to release his new single "It Just Is".
A reflection of a stroke that happened in 2014. "It Just Is", originally conceived in "ICU" back in October 24, 2014 will be available September 2017. 
"It Just Is" follows in the Gary Schwartz tradition.  Some have called it true life – pop rock.  Perhaps that could be a new category #truelifepoprock.  
I will keep you posted as to the exact release date but in the meantime enjoy this little YouTube clip.  
As always,
Thanks for the Support and as Always,
Peace and Happiness!