Sunday, January 22, 2017

Limited Edition 7" single "I Really Like You" on Blue Vinyl. Includes Stereo and Mono mix and a digital download card.
If you send me an email with "I Really Like You" in the subject line , I will send you a free single- Yes! Free! United States shipping address only. If Worldwide?-Let's talk. Limited Time Only- since I only have a handful of these blue vinyl singles left.
I also have a :
Send me some gifts so that I can stop spending so much of my own $ to do my projects.

Speaking of projects, I am working on my new tune "It Just Is". For real- It's only taken a few years to start the tune. "It Just Is" reflects my experience of having a Subarachnoid Hemorrhagic stroke...whoa!

Many have asked if I am ever going to play live... Probably NOT. If I can sound like my recordings ,I would do it in a heart beat- unfortunately, I am not in a position to hire a band that can dedicate the time I need to capture the sound I want live. So for now, studio magic only.

Take care - Be kind and remember-Peace and Happiness Always! Supporting Independent Music and Artist is where it's AT!