Monday, June 30, 2014

New Single - "I Really Like You" by Gary Schwartz - Available Now

The latest single by Gary Schwartz - “I Really Like You” is now available!

 “I Really Like You” is high energy fun from the get-go. Gary is the former drummer for The United States of Existence and the Jigsaw Seen. He is joined once again by his long-time musical collaborator and producer Mark O'Keefe

“IRLY” started out as a song about people with disabilities… Acceptance & Empowerment! However, as the tune evolved, the focus became more about people… all people. The message is very simple... while we're all quite unique, “I’m No Different than you… You’re No Different than Me!

“I Really Like You” is now available through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, etc. You can hear the complete tune at Bandcamp before making your purchase. So what are you waiting for?
Heighten your summer fun by cranking up IRLY. Here are the download links:

Thanks for all the support. And please, Spread the IRLY word.
 Wishing you all Peace and Happiness!

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