Saturday, June 14, 2014

Oh My God!

Gary Schwartz – former drummer for “The United States of Existence” and “The Jigsaw Seen” has a new, actually older piece, titled “Oh My God” which was recently re-mastered and is now being offered officially for the very first time.

“Oh My God”, composed and recorded many years back, was performed and manipulated solely on a now considered “archaic” Roland Keyboard Workstation. This piece which started out as an improvisation, soon turned into a “somewhat” planned piece, once additional tracks were laid on top of the improvised ones. Simply put, it is a planned/ accidental piece.

“Oh My God” which I am very fond of, captures many of the musical styles I admire, e.g., experimental, avant garde, progressive rock, rock and even classical. Realizing that this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I hope that you will remain open minded, finding enjoyment one section at a time.

The last section of “Oh My God” (the final bombardment) hosts a cacophony of sounds. Launched by taking “random snippets” from throughout the piece and allowing them to land and direct themselves.

Listening through headphones enhances the listening experience.


released 03 July 2012
music written by Gary Schwartz © 2012 Gary Schwartz – All Rights Reserved

all sounds played, mixed and produced by – Gary Schwartz

mastering – Mark O’Keefe

photography – Travis Beabout © 2012 Travis Beabout - Used by Permission

artistic design – Mark O’Keefe
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