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What's So Special About Christmas?

"What's So Special About Christmas?" was released on 11-22-2011. It was the first solo release by Gary Schwartz and features Gary's brother, Frank Schwartz, on all string instruments, including the mandolin. Folky Rock with a sarcastic, yet serious, look at the holiday season.  Leave the Fakes Behind!

Reviews are in:
First, prepare yourself... outside of the feel-good melodies and musicianship from Gary and his brother Frank Schwartz, this is not a warm & fuzzy holiday tune. It speaks to a darker side, and timely in light of the recent revelations of the skeletons in the Catholic Church's closet. It speaks also to the contradictions of the church and the loss of the true meaning of the holiday. It wraps up wishing you to have a merry one while discarding it's misguided commercialism, encouraging you to "leave the fakes behind..." - rediscovering the true meaning of Christmas! Well now, it is warm and fuzzy after all :) by moveoverjones

Gary Schwartz, the former drummer for Jigsaw Seen and the United States of Existence, is readying a Christmas single for release November 22.  "What's So Special About Christmas?" attempts to dig through all the seasonal excess and hypocrisy to get to the true meaning of Christmas, but it manages to sweeten its harshest sarcasm with its bouncy folk pop melody.   Rejecting the pre-packaged seasonal wrappings, Gary's song concludes:

I'll tell you what's special about Christmas
Those with hearts and trust will bid a Silent Night (Holy Night)
That is blessed and true to life 
And leave the fakes behind

"What's So Special About Christmas?" will be available through CD Baby, iTunes and the other usual digital download suspects.  In the meantime, you can get a taste by visiting Gary's SoundCloud page.  Whatever you think of the message, the music is pretty catchy.
 by Stubby of Stubbys House of Christmas

    Schwartz has served time behind the drums for two top-notch modern pop bands, The Jigsaw Seen and The United States of Existence. This is his solo debut, and it's cut from the same cloth - catchy, smart, and played with impressive skill. By Hip Christmas

“I really like the lyrics because it's optimistic yet antiestablishment. While it celebrates the season, it also makes a point about how we have veered from the true meaning of the holiday." Erek Gerende
“What’s so great about-------------your song!!!!?I love it! So twisted - yet pop. Great hook!" David Stutzer

"Sarcasm wrapped in melodic bow! Yay!" Nikki Bryant 
Available at the following digital download sites:
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